Artists bios

Jules Bowman

Jules Bowman is a Twin Cities artist with a passion for mixed media compositions that inspire.  Her work employs a quirky and abstract quality to expose both the joy and truth behind each of her subjects.

Loretta Day

Loretta is native to Norfolk, Virginia who studied Fine Arts at Norfolk State University.  After relocating to Minneapolis, Minnesota she pursued a career in the Arts.  Loretta participated in numerous public art programs throughout the Twin Cities, including the Minneapolis Public Arts Counsel, “Celebration of Life” mural project and currently, the John Biggers' SEED Project.  She has exhibited with Obsidian Arts, Hennepin Gallery, FLOW:  Northside Arts Crawl, and THOR Companies. Member/Art Director of ROHO Collective, Loretta aspires to continue building community connections for neighborhood partners.  Her goal is to sustain reflections of people, culture and community through development of art.

Delsita Y. Day

AS/BS degrees in Visual Communications, specializing in multimedia design - though Delsita is not far from a paint brush.  She enjoys all things art and continues to expand her artistry across multi-platforms.  She would like people to not only see the beauty in art, but to see it as what she refers to as "Poet Tree in Motion" - every stroke of the brush is something meaningful and beautifully poetic.

Sean G. Phillips

Rooted in Detroit, MI, Sean G. Phillips resides in Minneapolis, MN.  He is a writer and abstract painter with influences of poets Giovanni, Baraka, Neruda and Sexton to abstract artists Bowling, Pollack, de Kooning and Clark.  Sean is a self-taught artist with a sound foundational and historical understanding of art, yet believes art is conceptual and precludes any academic knowledge. Abstract art challenges viewers to question it, with the answer and person beautifully natural and always correct. Wassily Kandinsky once stated, “...the artist must train not only his eye, but his soul.” The soul is art’s beginning and its destination.

Stephanie D. Morris

"As a photographer, my goal is to explore my subjects and create images that reverently extend my world view.  I seek opportunities to tell stories about the people and places that I am fortunate to encounter.  I hope that my work will be a provocative commentary on the observation of life."

Melodee Strong

Melodee Strong received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Illustration. She is a freelance illustrator and community artist, and teaches for Minneapolis Public Schools and at MCAD Continuing Education. Melodee has participated in many gallery exhibitions and events, including Target’s Children’s Book Festivals in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. Her illustrations have received awards from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, Society of Illustrators New York, Teacher’s Choice, Mom’s Choice, and Moonbeam Awards. She has completed over 35 murals and large-scale projects in the Twin Cities.

Donna Ray

Donna is a multi-disciplined, eclectic visual artist, who began her art career as an apprentice at the Public Art, and also has collaborative work as a Muralist.  Though born visually impaired, Donna is able to create stunning works of art.  She is a member of the Community Art Center Artistry, Northern Clay, and Minnesota Women Ceramic Artist.

Esther Osayande

Esther Osayande is a well-established artist in the Minneapolis Community.  The late, John Biggers and Diego Rivera have influence on her work.  Esther is a painter with experience in multi-faceted mediums.  She is the concept artist for, “The Real McCoy Train” in the children’s playground of Martin Luther King Jr. Heritage Park, Minneapolis.  Osayande’s public works include: as a collaborator in John Biggers’ Seed Project and as designer of the Purple Raindrop Sculptor (a tribute to Prince): "The Assemble Project Neighborhood Initiative" at Farview Park in Minneapolis.  She has exhibited her works throughout the Twin Cities, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Myra Bolling-Smith

Chicago native Myra is a self-taught abstract artist.  She pushes the envelope, going beyond the rules, creating customized art pieces with vivid color quality.  Vibrant colors play an intricate part in Myra's abstract pieces and in her own words, "...there is something so fresh, free and creative about a blank canvas - you can let your imagination soar as you look at it, study it and then either sketch or apply paint. I am always inspired by the vivid colors of our Earth's landscape and the celestial limitlessness of Heaven transforming into abstract images." 

Christopheraaron Deanes

Christopheraaron  is a well-established artist in the Minneapolis community.  He is currently working with the John Biggers' Seed Project (a City of Minneapolis Public Works project).  Deanes has displayed works with Obsidian Arts, UROC (The University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach Center), and other public works throughout the Twin Cities.

Christopher E. Harrison

BFA degree in Retail Advertising Design - native of Springfield, Ohio, Christopher spent much of his youth creating and drawing comic books and cartoon characters.  Encouraged by his parents to attend a local art center, and from enthusiastic art instructors, Christopher entered art contests and did small illustration jobs.  Harrison credits his skills to his studies of the great masters of art, such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro and Romare Beardon. Christopher pursued a professional career after graduating from Columbus College of Art and Design. Other cultural influences include, African Ndebele and Basotho, Pre-Columbian and Native-American art

Patrick Cunningham

Patrick began his art career drawing super heroes from comic books. He earned Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Masters in Social Work. He studied The Visual Arts of Africa: Gender, Power and Life Cycle Rituals, at MIA. Patrick taught art in St. Paul Public Schools for over twenty years.  He participated alongside other African-American emerging artists to create the “Celebration of Life Mural” under the guidance of African-American Artist, John Biggers.  The mural was dedicated to the North Minneapolis Community.  Patrick continued more collaborative work with the City of Minneapolis Art in Public Places program, John Biggers’ Seed Project.

Angela Davis

"I was born and raised in Minneapolis. I mostly paint using acrylic & sharpie.I love using bold, bright colors to catch the viewers eyes and to cheer them up.I have done shows & exhibits with Pancakes & Booze, Palmer\'s Bar, St Paul Art Crawl, St Paul Almanac, RAW, Art-A-Whirl, Pride Art Show, Flow, Foot-in-the Door, Susan Hensel Gallery, Celebration of Life Mural & Exhibit and more."

Ariane Jackson

Native of Minneapolis, MN,  Ariane aka "Ari" is a self-taught Artist who has been painting since the age of three.  Jackson has spent the past two years perfecting her craft through personal studies and community projects.  Ari is mostly inspired by her faith in God and her desire to see women walk with confidence in their identity and purpose.  Through her creative use of nature, brush strokes and color, she dedicates her paintings to women's empowerment, self-love and self-reflection.

Miles Moore

Miles is currently attending a school for the arts in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He began his journey into the arts as a teenager and works primarily with acrylic paint, though occasionally create images within multimedia platforms.  Miles’s goal as an artist is to capture the essence of every image with creativity as his North Star. 

Ta-coumba Aiken

My art reflects a successful robust life creating objects and experiences. Over the years art has allowed me to travel, nationally and Internationally through, fellowships, grants, residencies, commissions, exhibitions, lectures and curatorial activities. I work in the spirit of collaboration and take great joy from witnessing my arts ability to catapult people into a visual journey.