About Us

photograph of children playing in fountain, by Stephanie D. Morris, entitled "Poor Man's Swimming"

Who is ROHO?

(Roho, Swahali word meaning soul or spirit)

We are all about community.  We have a grass roots perspective and our mission is to embrace, support and nurture other Visual Artists of color.  We want to be an integral part of the fabric in our community and seek to educate our people about how art can be a powerful force for unity, empowerment and change.

photograph of Light Rail Station, by Delsita Y. Day, entitled, "Northbound"

Where's the talent?

There's an abundance of talent in the Twin Cities and we are hoping to create a place where artists of color can . . .

Mural by Christopheraaron Deanes

. . . THRIVE!

  • Inspire and be inspired by others
  • Be a part of somethng that is powerful and positive
  • Define something new through legacy and culture
  • Create a vision for our communities through art