Who We Are

ROHO Collective is a network for the exchange of knowledge between visual artist of color in the Midwest.  We serve as a consolidated voice and platform for both emerging and professional artist of color by providing a place for development in technical skills, professional growth and business opportunities.  We take responsibility in ensuring our communities are educated about the value of the arts in our society, and we advocate for the arts both locally and nationally.

Where We've Been

Our road is well traveled.  We come from many different backgrounds, have a wide range of artistic talent, and as a Collective, have formed a solid group of creative individuals with an endless supply of imagination.

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Where We're Going

MRAC Exhibit November 30, 2018

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A Place to Shine

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FLOW: Northside Arts Crawl 2018

Opening Night at THOR

Copeland Gallery at Thor Companes  

1256 Penn Avenue North Minneapolis

July 26 - 27th Gallery Opening - through September 14, 2018


Get Your Photo Taken

This beautiful backdrop of wings is the artistry of new member to ROHO, Jules Bowman - Jules is an awesome talent and welcome addition to our ROHO family - What a great time we had taking photos with wings behind us!

FLOW: Northside Arts Crawl

2018 Northside Arts Crawl:  FLOW was a success!  With live painting and an opportunity to meet ROHO Artists - 

Many thanks to Episcopal Church of Minnesota for hosting us at FLOW and to THOR Companies for featuring us in  in their inaugural exhibit in the Copeland Gallery.


Cara Deanes, Chair
Andrea Porter, Vice Chair

Maurice Hudson, Treasurer

Hawona Sullivan Janzen

Stephanie D. Morris

Sean G. Phillips

Melodee Strong


Stephanie D. Morris, Managing Director

Loretta Day, Art Director

Sean G. Phillips, Public Relations Representative

Delsita Day, Multimedia Designer

Myra Bolling-Smith / Jules Bowman /  Patrick Cunningham / Angela Davis

 Christopheraaron Deanes / Christopher E. Harrison  

Phil McGraw / Esther Osayande / Donna Ray / Melodee Strong 

about the artists

ROHO Collective

We are an approved 501c3 non-profit organization as of April 2016.  We are a member of 

the Minnesota Council of Non-profits and part of Minnesota's Springboard for the Arts Incubator Program.